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Our Team.

Meet the exceptional duo behind our success. Bonny Doulton, our esteemed founder and director, brings a wealth of expertise and vision to guide our agency's strategic direction. With a keen eye for detail and a knack for creativity, Jade Blacksell, our talented graphic designer, brings brands to life through captivating visuals. Together, their synergy fuels our agency's ability to deliver outstanding results and exceed client expectations. With Bonny and Jade leading the way, our team is poised to take your brand to new heights of excellence.


Helping small business's disrupt the average and enhance their online presence and potential.

Welcome to the world of digital marketing excellence, where your brand's success becomes our relentless pursuit. Our mission is to genuinely care about your brand voice, amplify it online, and secure that elusive ROI.


At Social & Fluer , we prioritise long-term relationships over mere transactions. We pride ourselves on delivering results that go beyond a single marketing position, maximising your resources by combining them with ours. Choose from our marketing, advertising, and content service tiers, or explore tailored options to bridge any gaps.

Experience a new level of confidence in your marketing efforts. Contact us today and let's unlock the unlimited potential for your brand.

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